The Attention! Difference…

Revenue Generating Results

Most PR agencies deliver market awareness. Period. We're different. We deliver demand and measurable bottom-line results. At Attention, we take your public relations and marketing communications program to the next level - we generate results that transform marketing from a line-item expense into a wise bottom-line investment.

That's why we work only with clients who expect their marketing and PR programs to increase sales, attract investors, recruit affiliates and sponsors and retain current clients...

The fundamental purpose of public relations and marketing is to move products or services. If a marketing strategy doesn't ultimately result in increased sales --fire your agency! Our ability to focus on your needs from idea to revenue generating results differentiates us from the rest. Attention keeps its eyes on your bottom line. Because Marketing and Public Relations if used as a "sales builder" is not an expenditure, it is an investment. An investment in finding new business and keeping current customers happy. Our primary objective will be increasing your sales.

Seasoned Counsel

We offer experience. We're the seasoned professionals in a marketplace where insufficient experience is commonplace. It's time to make use of the seasoned counsel available only from Attention.

BuzzBuilder Services

Attention offers a variety of services not offered at conventional agencies. No need to deal with separate public relations agencies, direct marketing firms, ad agencies, e-mail marketers, sales lead management firms, or other marketing providers. Along with our unique network of associates managed for your firm by us, we integrate only what you need to get the fastest return on your investment. Our BuzzBuilder Services — make the maximum use of every available process to ensure that you generate the right amount of "buzz" to meet your business objectives.

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