Media Relations

It's not the output or quantity of press releases you issue. It's about the outcome, determined by who you know. It's called "Media Relations" and it's all about the the results you get. Stories are published only if you can get editors to listen to your ideas. We'll take your story, breathe life into it and get it prime coverage. Attention gets people talking. We create the buzz. We get the word on the street.

If your company needs to educate the media about products/services you provide, Attention will help you communicate messages quickly and effectively to gain the third party credibility that the press can provide. We guarantee it's what your clients, prospects, investors and employees want to see and hear. Our cost-effective processes get the word out and reach your audience at a fraction of the cost of our competition. We're so confident of our consumer publicity prowess, we even offer a unique Pay for Performance plan that guarantees press coverage at half the cost of advertising and delivers high-octane publicity before client fees are collected…

We're experts at getting you where the eyeballs are

In an extremely competitive sector, a top-flight press clipping or TV appearance can be a crucial factor in building credibility with customers, in recruiting and retaining employees and in currying favor with investors.

Client publicity has been featured in almost every major daily newspaper, business journal, trade and consumer magazine, Web channel, Ezine, and television and radio network in North America.





Fastidious Pitching

PR professionals have a deep, dark secret. They hate calling the press to pitch them a story. They will do anything to avoid it. It sounds absurd considering that's what the business is all about, but most PR folks would rather get lost in writing releases, developing strategy, creating major events and giving advice. We're different. Because without pitching there are no home runs!


Media Mapping

We won't pitch snowboards to a senior citizen. We know the right media that is interested in your story! Attention's proprietary "Media Mapping" program identifies the reporters and media outlets that cover our clients, and targets our efforts where they'll be most effective.



Laser Focus

Attention's laser focus on each campaign is targeted. We don't carpet-bomb the media with trifling announcements. We are not press release driven - our focus is to use releases when and where they will help a story or create an impression among target audiences. Generally, we employ a wide range of tactics to drive clients' messages - press releases are but one tool in the arsenal.

Building and maintaining relationships with key people who have an interest in your company and its products and services is the essence of effective media relations. In addition to helping you establish a good reputation with editors, Attention provides information aimed at influencers who make purchase decisions based primarily on what they see or hear in the media. We maintain a presence with influential editors and steer their attention toward clients so you can become an "industry expert."

We understand what a good story is, how to communicate it and who is going to care. "Getting press" is very important to us.


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